Masculinity, Masculinity And Masculinity Essay

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Masculinity in The Kite Runner
Gender roles have been the perforated lines within our society for centuries, holding us together while simultaneously possessing the ability to tear us apart. We’ve had these ideas of what it means to be masculine and feminine so engrained into our society for such a long period of time that even as we enter a much more progressive era they still seep into the way we raise our children. Traditionally, masculinity can be seen as a combination of three common attributes: strength, honor, and action. Strength is generally referring to emotional toughness and independence, honor to loyalty and generosity, and action to competitiveness and risk-taking. Although it is more often than not ignored, males experience the same societal pressure to conform to masculinity that their female peers experience regarding femininity. As a young boy, possessing “feminine” attributes in a society that emasculates men for an act as simple as crying causes a lot of internal conflict. This struggle is very apparent in The Kite Runner as Amir does not easily possess these masculine attributes while his father is very adamant about his son conforming to them. Baba’s acceptance of traditional ideals regarding masculinity has a profound effect on Amir’s self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and development throughout the novel. Pamela Frome and Jacquelynne Eccles from University of Michigan conducted an experiment by surveying a sample of people to determine the…

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