Masculinity In Fight Club

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Throughout the beginning of the movie, Fight Club, the audience sees a man, who seems to living a less than average life. He has a crappy boss, who he hates, a job in which he is indecisive about, and no love life. He lives in a nothing less than luxurious high-rise condominium which is basically an ad for IKEA. He has his designer cologne, shoes, and clothing. In his world, everyone lives a seemingly equal life. So what could his dilemma be? Inside this average, lackluster man, lies a person who wants to be a leader, someone who wanted to take control of his own life, a power-hungry man who is starving to unleash his masculinity. During the mid-1900s males, specifically while males started having an identity crisis. Women started to become more and more independent, leading to not needing men to not have this unspoken power over women. It became harder for men to show their masculinity. As the years of women’s rights, feminism, and the roles of women becoming more equal to men, this ultimately led …show more content…
But as the movie went on, I started seeing a pattern of the men that were a part of the club. Some were waiters, bartenders, security workers, corporate drones and the one that stood out to me the most was Bob from the testicular cancer group. All of these men had a similar background in that they all were stressed or upset about something in their life. A waiter and bartender have to deal with rude customers who may or may not tip well. Working as a security guard one would have to sit in an office all day and look at television screens and intervene with people who are just as rude as the patrons at a restaurant or bar. Each of these men wanted an escape form their everyday, often boring, lives. Hitting each other and being a part of a group of men who felt the same way they did helped release that stress and frustration they could not do at home or at

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