Masculinity : Black Men And White Men Essay

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Black men are expected to look a certain way by societies’ definition of the ideal body type for a black male. Mincey et al (2014) found the idea of masculinity for Black men is similar to some traditional aspects of being a man; there are also ideas that are specific in being a black man. It was proceed in the article that society mainstream has a lot of influence on this topic. Masculinity doesn’t only have to do with looks; sometimes it has to do with the opportunities black men get in the society we live in. It was stated that white men are exposed to more things than black men and white have more opportunities than black men. This could fit the definition of black masculinity because of the way a man is viewed at in our society. For example if a man can’t get a good opportunity in our society, he can’t find the resource to take care of his loved ones therefore his masculinity is under question. It’s easier for a white man to be viewed as more masculine over a black male when it comes to social structure aspect. A white male that is born into rich family is definitely going to have more opportunities in life compare to a black male that was born into a family that is struggling to get food on the table. The physical aspects of black masculinity in our society, blacks are expected to be athletic or have certain body build type. We can see this in our everyday life. The media pushes the idea of the ideal body type that is acceptable for black men in this…

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