Masculinity And The Associated By Hegemonic Masculinity Essay

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Masculinity and the associated set of behaviours are linked to the acceptance of Violence. Individuals valued in a society influenced by Hegemonic Masculinity, are not only valued for their leadership, or business prowess, but for their violent tendencies, as such, Hegemonic Masculinity relates to Domestic Violence, this connection is often found in terms of low-level violence, in everyday scenario’s, this is because the violence results in0 no effect on their public image. Ultimately, the concept of Hegemonic Masculinity can and should be used to intervene in a way that results in Gender Equity and the reduction in Gender-based violence.

Ami Lynch (2009) states that hegemonic masculinity “refers to a particular set of practices and societal norms that are seen as “masculine” and that are dominant in society,” she then proceeds to define masculinity, as “the set of norms or expected behaviors and abilities that society prescribes to men.” Lynch believes that these two concepts are not hardwired biologically.

How are Individuals valued in societies influenced by hegemonic masculinity?

Masculinity, having followed per-ordained social norms, has slowly become mainly violent, with men and boys being encouraged for violent and aggressive behaviour that makes them seem “manly”. This behaviour is often used to communicate and maintain masculinity standards, especially in regard to anyone challenging the system of hegemonic…

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