Masculinity And Masculinity : `` Nice Guys Finish Last `` Essay examples

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“Nice guys finish last” is a statement that is commonly heard among men who fail to win over women they are interested in. It is almost a form of self-congratulatory reassurance that the rejection was solely due to the fact that the women are not into “honest, good and nice” men, as portrayed by several television shows and movies in the media. This reassurance is used to create a sense of completion where these group of men feel inadequate and insecure. This notion was strongly delved into in my assignment one. However, for this critical reflection, I will be exploring another trigger that plays a role and contributes to the support of said notion. This trigger will focus on the role of femininity and race. Masculinity and misogyny are parallel to one another. On one hand, it is hard to argue that masculinity has negative effects without mentioning the role misogyny plays in the negativity. On the other hand, without masculinity, misogyny would not exist. Assignment one discussed that masculinity and misogyny are directly affecting men through the media, which then as a consequence, affects women. Also, the hierarchy of hegemonic masculinity was delved into rather deeply. However, this critical reflection will look at the bigger picture. This bigger picture unpacks these theories further and delves into how the representations of masculinity are rather variant and how femininity actively converges in this, along with the role of race.
Femininity and masculinity go hand in…

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