Essay on Masculine Hegemony : Women And Society

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Masculine hegemony is the concept that causes males to be dominant in society and causes women to be subordinate. Hegemonic masculinity has always been evident and although equality for women has clearly improved over the years, masculine dominance is still negatively affecting women and society to this day. This form of hegemony is essentially the root of gender roles in society. Male dominance causes oppression, inequality, and discrimination against women and it is the cause for gender and sexuality issues in society. Masculine hegemony is a concept that should no longer be present in our society because it influences the dehumanization and degradation of women in many detrimental aspects. One major issue of masculine hegemony that causes dehumanization of women is the oversexualizing and objectification of women. Female objectification is when women are seen and treated as objects without their character being acknowledged. This is problematic because it compels the idea to look at women exclusively for their body image rather than their dignity. Masculine hegemony damages society’s expectation for women and men’s constant objectification of women eventually causes women to self-objectify themselves, which leads to increased apprehension about appearance and destructive self-image problems. Self-image problems can provoke multiple mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Women can potentially start to attempt to lose or gain weight in…

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