Reflection On A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women By Mary Wollstonecraft

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I found it really interesting that we were able to learn about Mary Wollstonecraft, and her writing a Vindication of the Rights of Women. I have spent this last semester taking Intro to Gender Studies with Sarah Shady, and I have really enjoyed learning about the history of feminism and learning about all the different things that feminism touches on - and ultimately things that we should know about since we have the privilege of going into a higher education. To find a woman in the 16th century such as Wollstonecraft, arguing for women’s rights is amazing because it 's so often you hear people saying that feminism is a new thing - but it was even happening in France in the 16th century.
Wollstonecraft would have been one of the women in America
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It has been found that when a girl receives more education, that the possibility of having children diminishes with the more education that she receives. This means, if we get young girls in high school to not only finish high school but to go onto some higher education (be it trade school, liberal arts school), she will reduce the possibility of having a child at a young age. Not only will she reduce the possibility of having a child at a young age, but the more education she has for herself - the moer likely for her to be respected and loved. We shouldn’t just focus on America here, but also look at other countries with high birth rates to younger women. In places like Africa and Asia, it is common for a woman to get married at a young age, or as soon as she starts having her period. Doing this not only causes a woman to lose the possibility of education, but it also makes it more likely for her to become pregnant at a younger age - sometimes as soon as twelve years old. It has also been found in countries of Africa and Asia that domestic violence tends to decrease with the more education that a woman has. It is very common for a woman to be beaten by not only the woman’s husband, but also the woman’s in-laws (mother in law, father in law, sister in law), if she is found doing something that is not accepted by the parents. If a woman gets into a form of higher …show more content…
In today’s society, we would consider him a complementarian which is ultimately believing that “males and females complement each other in their different roles and duties” , and while I do understand where he is coming from, there are a lot of flaws in his argument for women to just be childbearing, homemakers in the private sphere because of the “natural inequality” that has been put upon women. While Rousseau argues that natural inequality is a good thing because it sets the roles for men and women - it goes against what the culture does today. Women biologically can give birth to a baby, but in our culture, we make it easier for that to happen. We use an epidural that takes away the pain during birth. This goes against natural inequality because using epidural is not natural, and ulitamely makes it easier for women to give

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