Mary Wigman, A Native Of Germany And The Leading Force Of German Modern Dance

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Artists, such as dancers, are often judged by the way they choreograph pieces or how their movement appears. An important figure to the history of dance is an artist named, Mary Wigman. Mary Wigman is a native of Germany and the leading force of German modern dance. Many of her works considered the gentleness of nature to the macabre, or unearthly. The reason behind her choreography being judged crucial originates from her background of a Germanic heritage. Within this heritage, an atomsphere of being a Nazi is projected to the audience. However, Mary Wigman ignored the poor attitudes and negative comments her audience would provide and continued to choreograph works.
After reading, “Stage Dance-Stage Dancer”, by Mary Wigman, a few quotesWith t provided inspiration for myself to be proud of the degree I am pursuing. A great example of this is, “It has been said that the stage dance has not stood the test and the dancers proved a failure.” (Wigman 36) The discussion was provided by Professor Gallo in which she quoted, “Not every piece is going to be great and it is okay to fail sometimes.” In addition to Professor Gallo’s comment, I was inspired by both her and Mary Wigman due to always thinking the way I am choreographing movement on myself or my peers in a composition class is “wrong” or “does not look right”. It made me realize that I can be too hard on myself at times and cause the stress on myself. The more I stress about appearing as a failure, the more I will think as…

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