Mary Stuart Research Paper

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Mary Stuart, who was well known as Mary, Queen of Scots, was born in Linlithgow Palace, West Lothian, Scotland on December 8, 1542. Mary was the daughter of Mary of Guise and King James V of Scotland. Mary of Guise was King James V’s second wife. When Mary Stuart’s father passed she became Mary, Queen of Scots. She was only six days old when she became Queen. Because Mary was so young, Mary’s uncle, Henry VIII tried to take control of power. Mary of Guise was the one to act as regent on for her daughter. Since the Scots had a long and great alliance with one another and Mary’s mother was French, Mary was betrothed to the French heir. She was sent to France at the age of five where she grew up to marry the son of the French King Henry II …show more content…
The two married in 1565 when Mary became infatuated with her cousin, Darnley. Their marriage infuriated Elizabeth I. Darnley was ambitious and ruthless, so much so that he murdered Mary’s Italian secretary, David Rizzio. Pregnant Mary looked on as her secretary was stabbed fifty-six times. Later on Mary gave birth to her son, the future king of Scotland and England. A few months passed and Mary changed her mind about wanting to be married to Darnley. Mary Queen of Scots husband was mysteriously killed at Kirk o’ Field in an explosion outside in Edinburgh in February 1567. Foul play was suspected. It was never clear how much involvement Mary had in the murder but she gave connect to marry the main suspect in her last husband’s murder. His name was James Hepburn, earl of Bothwell. They were married only a few months later. Her rule in Scotland go over well because Mary didn’t have the political skills to lead successfully. Not only did she not have the right skill set to rule Scotland, the murderous scandal having to deal with her second husband made the Scottish nobility rise up against her. Mary’s third marriage was extremely unpopular so she was forced to renounce her thrown in her infant son’s favor. In 1568 Mary ran to England where she hoped to get the help of Elizabeth I, her

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