Frankenstein The Modern Prometheus Comparison

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In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley portrays the main character Victor Frankenstein as the modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley was influenced by the greek god story, and her husband Percy Shelley work on Prometheus Unbound. As shown “Percy Shelley, began composing his work right around the same time Mary was publishing Frankenstein.” (Cultural History of Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus.) To animate new life were the aspiration of both these god and mortal. However, Prometheus had a fondness for his creation, he looked upon them, seeing them as his own children. While the unhinged scientist, Victor Frankenstein had a resentment towards his creation. Regardless of their emotions towards their creations, they both shared similar fates. Prometheus, …show more content…
Feeling betrayed by Prometheus embezzlement, Zeus forced humans to go through tribulations such as Pandora and her box, and the “flood that was used to destroy all of creation.” (Prometheus: The Creator of Man). But yet, Prometheus sided with the humans.The other story is almost parallel to this, however humans were already blessed with fire. Due to Prometheus crafty plan their gift was taken. At the feast that was offered to the God’s Prometheus tricked Zeus into choosing the lesser offering, therefore providing the humans with the greater reward. Feeling enraged that he would receive less than a mortal, Zeus removed their source of fire leaving them to starve, and to suffer. Feeling an eternal guilt, being the caretakers of mankind, Prometheus stole the fire.Tired of being bamboozled, “Zeus ordered Hephaestus and his servants, state and violence, to nail him to a steep peak of the Caucasus and sent an eagle, born of Typhon and Echidna, to eat his liver, which was renewed every morning.” (Prometheus: The Creator of Man). Being born as a demi-god Prometheus body would rejuvenate therefore causing the cycle to repeat. Forcing him to suffer for his transgression towards the gods. Despite the horrendous punishment, Prometheus was satisfied by his decisions. Further on in the myth, Prometheus is saved by Hercules. Being merciful Zeus allowed Prometheus to be go, however …show more content…
Suffering because of their connections towards their creation, they both lost things they loved. Victor family and friends were murdered, because of the increased hatred that his monster developed towards him. Being denied love Victor creation killed out of revenge to get his father attention. Thus resulting with Victor getting sick and passing away. Similar to Prometheus, Zeus was denied respect and therefore killed the humans out of revenge towards Prometheus. Regardless of the fact that one was a God and the other was a mortal they were both predestined to suffer. These tragic events were foreshadowed in their lives. Zeus allowed Prometheus to join him in heaven. Even when Prometheus rebelled against Zeus, he gave him warnings by striping his creation of the gifts that meant the most to them. Victor monster killed his brother, as a warning, and hinted that the people most dearest to Frankenstein would suffer.
Mary Shelley was astounded by the life of Prometheus and created a modern version of him in Frankenstein. Giving her book the subtitle of The Modern Prometheus. Frankenstein and Prometheus are highly similar, even-though their stories are undoubtedly different, the way their lives were constructed allowed for them to live and suffer in the same manner. Prometheus suffered because he chose his creation over the Gods, out of love. Victor suffered because he chose to abandon his creation, out of fear. Even-though Frankenstein is only

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