Mary Shelley 's Natural Justine Essay

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Mary Shelley’s imaginative novel known as Frankenstein; or Modern Prometheus was published in 1818. This was an era were political influence, romantic thinking and the feminist movement were an evolving issue in society. These were controversial symbols which characterized a very male dominant society, to which Marry did not want to be accustomed to. This is due to the influence of such illustrious parents. Being daughter of a philosopher and radical thinker known as William Godwin and an active feminist and philosopher known as Marry Wollstonecraft had great impact on the level of education that she received. Both parents had a direct influence in the development of her life. Being exposed to philosophical ideas, as illustrated in Godwin’s Natural Justine, the writings of Locke and Rousseau as well as romantic ideologies seen in the early romantic, especially Coleridge. She married Percy Shelley at the age of twenty-three and went to have three kids that unfortunately died as infants. Mary continues to forge the symbolization of bond in effect of her personal experiences. Frankenstein, therefore is a clear and direct reflection of all her influences that both the readers and critiques endorse, to judge the aspects of the novel. This meaning is achieved through the theme of family, characterization and literary allusion.

Mary was acquainted to a family of very radical and progressive family members with constant chaos and controversy. Within her existed controversial…

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