Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein - Feminism Essay

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Through the eyes of a Feminist When first reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley the examples of feminism are not apparent. Although learning more about Mary Shelley 's history helps one relate the events in Frankenstein to what occurred in Shelley 's actual life. Shelley 's feminist pedigree plays a huge role in her novel Frankenstein as it sublimely elaborates her own tragic loss of her first born child, reflects a man 's decision to create life, and Victor the creator of Frankenstein, leaves despite the connection with his own creation, and last influences Shelley 's jargon throughout her novel. For example, the moment the monster was created and throughout the rest of the story he was isolated from society. All the characters in the novel automatically feared the monster and desired no friendship with him. Consequently the monster sought revenge upon his creator Victor for giving him a life of loneliness and sorrow. Knowing that Shelley was rejected by her father helps one notice symbolism in this, which is directly related to feminism. The revenge is emblematic of feminist 's goals in society, and of Shelley. The goal is to rid of the stereotypical expectations and refuse to succumb to submissiveness. As you read more deeply into Frankenstein you notice many occurrences that symbolize feminists ' views. Throughout the story of Frankenstein Shelley sublimely elaborates her own tragic loss of her first born child. In the story it describes the monster, becoming…

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