Essay on Mary Rowlandson 's Narrative Of Captivity

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No place, person, or community has ever escaped the evils in the world, societies that were started with good ideals. Even with strict laws that outlawed all evils, they still seemed to creep their way into the Puritan society. The Puritans tried to create a city upon a hill, but this community is none of the sort, it is a community that is fearful of anything different, blindly faithful, and secretly sinful.
Logic can’t reside in the Puritan community because of all the blind faith that goes on in the community, it seems that will do anything even without a reason. In Mary Rowlandson 's Narrative of Captivity after sitting in a tent watching the light as it drains from of her baby 's eyes, she “[thinks] of the wonderful goodness of God to me, in preserving me in the use of my reason and senses, in that distressed time” (41). Mary believes that every action in her life is influenced by God and that God is always testing her like he did to those in the bible. Being such a believer in God, Mary can’t help but see little things as gifts from God. Similar views are seen in “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, where a religious woman (Rebecca Nurse) much like Mary is often blinded by her great faith in God. After being accused of witchcraft, Rebecca seems to be blinded by thinking God will help her out that she doesn’t really see the horrible things that are happening to her right now. Rebecca Nurse in the crucible believes no matter what that God will save Rebecca when asked if she…

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