Essay Mary Cassatt : An American Artist

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Mary Cassatt was an American artist who worked mainly in Europe, and was affiliated with the Impressionist movement. She is most popular for her paintings of women and children in everyday settings.Because of her involvement with the Impressionists, she received a lot of criticism - mainly for her vibrant colors and unflattering accuracy with which she painted her subjects. She is an inspiring artist because of how she overcame every obstacle in her way to become on artist. She didn’t like her unsupportive family or critical viewers stop her from doing what she loved. She left us with beautiful paintings that show the true nature of women rather than just their beauty and good looks. Mary Cassatt was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1844. Her father, Robert Simpson Cassatt, was a banker who was French. Her mother was Katherine Johnston, was a cultured woman who was French and Scottish. Cassatt also had four siblings - Lydia, Alexander, Robert, and Gardner. Cassatt’s whole life got turned around when her family suddenly moved to Europe in 1851. Her brother Robert was very ill, so the family traveled there so he could receive the medical care that he needed. They remained there for some time, traveling between France and Germany. This was when Mary developed her love of traveling, and living abroad. Unfortunately, her brother died in 1855, which meant there time in Europe would soon be over. Before
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