Essay about Mary Borden : The Daughter Of A Chicago Millionaire

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Mary Borden, also known as May by her close friends and family, was born in 1886. Mary was the daughter of a Chicago millionaire. Her mother was a very extreme evangelist, which Mary was not very fond of. As Soon as Mary was old enough she got away from the Evangelism religion, by moving to India. There she married and had two daughters. Her life there was not very nice, so divorced and in 1913 she moved her family to London. While in London she soon became part of a literary circle, where she socialized with different writers (Borden/biography).
When World War 1 began, she met Edward Spears, head of the British Military Mission in Paris. The couple soon married in March of 1918. When he enlisted she was determined to contribute to the war effort. She was nowhere near distracted, by being pregnant. Mary gave birth to her third child in November 1914. By the following January, she was in Belgium serving as a Red Cross volunteer. Then in July 1915 she established her own hospital under French Military Authority. With her hospital open it could lower the rates of deaths in the war ( Borden war poets).
During the war, Mary wrote lyrical verse in graphic detail about her experiences nursing on the battlefield, verse that was both argumentative and confrontational. Sometimes, she copied lines from male poets and inverted them for her own purpose, In Mary’s verse, there are no hidden silences. We do not need to ask what is unspoken of inferred. During the war, May wrote,…

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