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British Short Fiction in the
Early Nineteenth Century
The Rise of the Tale

Cardiff University, UK

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A better research supervisor could not be hoped for, and without his expert guidance the early work for this study could never have been completed. Another substantial acknowledgement must go to Dr Anthony
Mandal, for his extensive and exceptionally capable help with proof-reading, IT matters, general advice, and his friendship and longstanding interest in the project.
Cardiff University’s Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research (CEIR) has been a wonderful place to pursue research. The benefits of working under the auspices of CEIR have been immense. I am extremely grateful to all the centre’s members for their help and encouragement, and especially to Dr Jacqueline Belanger for her assistance with access to CEIR’s wealth of primary resources while she was part of the centre. My other colleagues at Cardiff have been unfailingly generous with their time and support, and I would particularly like to thank Professor Martin Coyle and
Dr Julia Thomas for help with scholarships, funding, job-seeking, teaching, travel,

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