Marxist Theory Applied China Society Today Essay

786 Words Oct 20th, 2015 4 Pages
n the major paper, I am going to research and deeply demonstrate how Marxist theory applied in China society today. The mainly focus point is on the reflection on Marxism and the relations between it and social character of China. I am willing to find some Chinese research articles or thesis on the development of Chinese society with process of Marxist concepts and what influent or benefit those concepts bring to china’s evaluation.
Basically as we all known that most of countries would think china as the socialist. But there is always debate about that china may also belong to capitalist as recently years Chinese economic grows fast and have successful response to the capitalist Global Financial Crisis (GFC). This is the first part of content I will write on the major paper.
Secondly, I will state and analyze why Marx still matter in today’s china especially on the aspects of Chinese politics. Numbers of years, people in china advocate to apply Marxism concept into Chinese society and promote that the ideological drivers. According to Chinese president XI Jinping, Marxism must remain the ideological lodestar of the Chinese state. In today’s education in china, students are required to be aware of Marxism theory both on history and politics books. The Party Constitution and the State Constitution indicate that Marxism provides the correct scientific basis to govern the country. It is no doubt that Marxism stills influence contemporary China more than academic. Specifically,…

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