Essay on Marxist Philosophy

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Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) was born the son of a well-known lawyer, in Trier. He was a German philosopher, economist and historian whose ideas played a major role in the development of the social sciences and the socialist political movement. During his lifetime Marx wrote and published many articles and books, most notably; The Communist Manifesto and Capital. Admirers of Marx work have drawn from what he wrote, taking his ideas one step further and created grand theoretical viewpoints which are known to us as Marxism. Marxism is a theory of economics and history and the basic explanation for how societies go through the process of change, Marx believed that capitalism was evil and created increasing disproportion so wealth in
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In addition, the interpretation of the occurrences in nature, its conception of them, it theory, is materialistic. Materialism opposes the idea of a supreme being (God), and holds that the world on its own it material, and all aspects of this world is made up of different forms of matter in motion, that the interdependence of phenomena as established by the dialectical method, are a law of the development of moving matter, and that the world develops in accordance to these laws without the need for a God. Simply put, the materialistic outlook on nature “means no more than simply conceiving nature just as it exists, without any foreign mixture.” (Marx and Engels , Vol. XIV, p. 651.)
The second basic idea of Marxism is about class struggle where materialism is taken a step further and it is said, all human history can be explained and predicted by the competition between opposed economic classes. In political terms, this meant that all classes were competing for control of the state however, to Marx, the class that controls the Mode of Production also controls the state. He believed that political life was an illusion of reality and that only economic structure of society was reality, whereby in the past, slave-owners held down the slaves, then the nobles held down the serfs, in the modern state there is exploitation of

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