Marxist Comparison with Durkheim Essay

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PART 3: Explain, in as much detail as you believe necessary, class-consciousness, as offered by Karl Marx. Discuss the similarities and differences of class-consciousness and collective conscience and indicate to what, if any, extent, the two concepts are interchangeable. Do you believe class-consciousness is a useful tool for understanding social relations among classes, today? Use examples to illustrate your answer and thoroughly explain why or why not. *
One very complex issue of today is the idea of social change. This paper will introduce the lives of Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim and how they both use different theories to introduce the structure of modern society. Each special theory explains how society stays stable and what
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It would create a strong sense of solidarity based on everyone doing the same things in their lives. Sometimes in mechanical solidarity the use of sanctions, which can be good or bad, is needed to keep society together, we see that through kinship or religion. An example of mechanical solidarity would be: we need a technician to fix our internet or our cable, they need us to make money, they need money to feed their families and so on. This solidarity shows the normal state of humans and how they are loyal to their traditions which keeps them having social control and where everybody works together to survive, in other words, there is no tolerance of individuality. As societies becomes more sophisticated and civilized, the individual members of those societies start to become more rare and different from each other. Solidarity becomes more organic as these societies change their divisions of labor. That’s when organic solidarity comes to place. It is the most complex solidarity that can exist. This type of solidarity is where a society is a system of different functions that are united by specific interactions. Each persons action is based on their own which causes individuality and the society becomes interdependent. For example, life changes quickly as new technology and new employments develop. There we can see throughout these changes, the strong feeling of

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