Essay on Marxism On The World 's Progression Into Capitalism

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In Black Marxism, Cedric Robinson assessed the Marxist breakdown on the progress of capitalism, socialism and the proletariat that outlined the beginnings of racism dating back to the Roman Empire. The book is an in-depth analysis on the world’s progression into capitalism. Disagreeing with Wallerstein’s view of racism and sexism being traditional, Robinson often closely associated the birth of capitalism and socialism with a racially Eurocentric perspective of history. Frequently shaking up liberal and Marxist theories of a phenomenal conversion, Robinson exposed the racial origins of capitalism, and with that developed a Black Radical Tradition and examined its social, political, cultural, and intellectual bases. Black Radical Tradition is made up of several different ideologies, for example Pan-Africanism, Black Nationalism, or Black Marxism, with both complementary and contradictory principles and objectives among them. Even with those differences, the black radical tradition is unified by the origin concept of systemic racism and the goal of liberation of those within the African Diaspora.

In Black Marxism, Robinson asserts that Marxism enforces its dead categories on the liveliness of black radical traditions, and obviously on the non-violent African people. In the words of Robinson, ”the persistence of racial domination over African peoples results in part from the fact that violence did not come naturally to African peoples," the inescapable implication being that…

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