Marxism : Marxism And Nationalism Essay

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Marxism first came into existence during the 19th century; the theory itself was created by two men, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. (BBC) Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were both German philosophers. (BBS) Though they created the theory together, Karl Marx was the one given the most glory. He hated “the idiocy of rural life” and dreamed “of a future that was large in scale, and technologically advanced” (vitarbo). His overall goal is to make a utopia where everyone is equal in wealth, gender, and race. Marxism is very simplistic and naive. However, our world is filled with violence so it is almost impossible to create a utopia. There are many that prefer Marxism over liberalism and nationalism. Many non- westerners found Marxism appealing because of their emphasis on hope, freedom, and war tactics. Communism was created in 1834 to 1845. Communism is a society made by the people for the people. They believe that society should own their own land. In a communist state nothing can be owned which means everything belongs to the public (Communism). Collectively the community has all authority over whatever happens in their community (Communism). Like Marxism, communism was first thought of by Karl Marx. It was however the first to actually come into existence. Marxism is basically another branch of communism. Unlike Marxism, communists do not try and create a utopia.
The theory of Marxism, mainly focused on the industrialization of society. Marx also believed that soon after…

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