Marxism Is An Idea From German Philosophers Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels

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Marxism is an idea from German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism is a social system that people are classified as multiple individuals in a nation under capitalism, which are employers, working classes, and farmers. Their social status are based on their owned properties. According to Franks, people who claim themselves to be Marxists argue that they have deeper understanding about class, race, ethnicity, and gender. Inequalities in the society are the ramification of the class issues (Franks 30). Marxists argue that people in a same class is a group of people who share the common relation of production process. For example, in the United States, middle class are the group of people who work for their employers; they depend upon the salaries to get access to groceries and places to live. And the upper class people are often the ones who own business, pay the working classes, and own many private properties.
In my perspective, the theory of Marxism properly explains the inequalities such as blacks, American Indians, and Women in the United States . Some people claim that race is the primary inequality issue, and it has a greater impact than classes. Black people are usually discriminated in American society, for instance, the enslavement in the American history and social stereotype that people are having, such thoughts that all black people are selling drugs. And white people are generally the richer group in the United States. But this leads to an…

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