Essay on Marxism Is A Social, Economic, And Political Philosophy

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Marxism is a social, economic, and political philosophy founded by the philosopher Karl Marx. Marxism is a theory in which Marx introduces the breakdown of capitalism and replace it with communism. Marx combined different elements from different philosophers to come up with the concept of Marxism. He used Hegel’s dialectic process. From Feuerbach’s, he concluded that material conditions of life controls reality. Saint-Simson thought him how to observe a relationship of the landowner and the worker and learned the importance of economic conditions for a human life. After combining all this, he gave his theory many names other than Marxism like communism, historical materialism, dialectical materialism and many more. Beyond any doubts, Marx was the most intelligent and also known for his interest in almost everything. First he started studying for law but later he discovered his interest in philosophy when his father send him to Berlin from Trier, Germany because of his irrational behavior. Marx was also someone independent and it was difficult to have him under control which is why he was once arrested for disorderly conduct. After being sent to Berlin, he was deeply involved in his philosophical growth after his building awareness towards the Berlin’s big and district modern city which was more likely for anarchist and immoderate people. He started worrying about how this environment will impact young man from a conservative backgrounds, who were in process of their growth…

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