Marxism Before His Death Essay

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This essay will discuss how Marxism has developed after Marx’s death. This will be done by discussing ideas interpreted by Karl’s followers which formed the ideology of Marxism. I will discuss Hegel and the dialectical method, Classical French political, social and revolutionary theory and Classical British Political Economy. I will also discuss how Marx’s work has influenced the works of Edward Bernstein, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky.
Karl Marx, born on 5th may 1818, was born into a middle class Jewish family. During his teenager years Marx studied law in the University of Bonn in 1835, until he transferred to the University of Berlin the following year to study his main interest of philosophy. During this time Karl started to work on
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An expulsion order was given to the Marx family as the result of the Prussian government putting pressure onto France to do something about the German communists living within Paris. As a consequence Karl Marx, his wife Jenny and his daughter also named Jenny migrated to Brussels. However to live in Brussels Karl had to agree not to get involved in politics, which he agreed to. The contract was soon broken as Marx organised a committee which helped communists all over the world to say in touch, called the communist correspondence committee. Although the agreement was broken Karl and his family were allowed to stay in Brussels a further three years.
During this time Karl signed a contract with a publisher to produce a book which would critically analyse economics and politics. The book was to be ready in the summer of 1845 nevertheless; Karl missed many deadlines until his contract was cancelled. The book was eventually published as Capital. Deciding to study economics Engels and Marx travelled to Manchester for 6 weeks. On his return Marx decided to get rid of alternative ideas of German Philosophy and socialist circles. This eventually became the German Ideology, which was turned down by approximately seven publishers before being abandoned. In addition “he wrote another polemical work attacking the leading French socialist, Proudhon” (Singer, P,. 2000, p-8). Upon arriving to London to attend a Congress of Communist League

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