Marxism And Other Western Fallacies Essay

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In Marxism and Other Western Fallacies: An Islamic Critique, Ali Sharadi presents Islam as the most the most comprehensive iteration of humanism. This essay will explore and examine
Sharati 's augment based on his critique of Western Liberalism and Marxism. Sharia states that “Western humanism rests firmly on the foundation of that mythological perspective unique to ancient Greece.” (9) He maintains that this form of humanism, emphasizes the struggle between humans and the divine. Sharia argues that the story of Zeus is built on conflict and jealousy, while the story of Adam and Allah is humanistic because it has a positive conection to the divine. In speeking about the difference between Zeus and Allah, Shaiati states “we see that in this case, in contrast to Zeus, God wishes humanity to be free of the great yoke of slavery to nature (10) However, this is not quite clear cut. Consider the story of Adam and Eve, in which God forbids the sole human inhabits of the Garden of Eden form eating fruit form the tree of knowledge. Once the two eat from the tree, God becomes enraged and while it is true that Allah forgives Adam in the Islamic tradition, he and Eve are still expelled from paradise.
This is the same God from Islamic tradition, denying knowledge to human beings. In this case the vengeful actions of the Abrahamic God are no different than that of Zeus. Moreover, the actions of Adam and Eve, defying the divine, are incredibly similar to Prometous.…

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