Essay on Marx 's Theory On Capitalism

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Marx believes in the exploitation of the worker through means of capitalism. This belief is stemmed from the idea of the rising working class in Britain and Europe during the early to late 1800s. Major arguments in his beliefs come a series of events that occurred throughout his lifetime. Although his ideas mirror Adam Smith in certain ways, he comes from a perspective that it’s a highly productive system of economic organization. Within this complex organizations, comes the basic ideas of labor and value, that if an individual contributes their own labor power they should have access to this property. However, this is wrong for Marx’s beliefs, due to two distinct classes which are the capitalists and the working class. Marx’s theory on capitalism exploitation on the working class is obscured that economy would not function if the product finished equaled to the work done. First we must go into the perspective of the capitalist trying to make a business. First they must acquire or inherit reasonable capital in order purchase and upstart a company. For example, we will use a farming company which produces vegetables, fruits and meats. The owner of said farming business will have to determine how much of each to purchase in order to favor the economy. Then after he has all the necessary capital he then will proceed to look for potentially employees. These employees, will then maintain the livestock, reap the produce and sell off the meat. If the average employee works at…

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