Marx 's Critique Of Capitalist Society Essay

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Alienation was a central concern for the young Karl Marx. Discuss the dimensions of this alienation in connection to Marx’s critique of capitalist society, and comment on the contemporary relevance of this concept.
Karl Marx was a philosopher and sociologist in the 1800’s. His Ideas and theories about society and the economy are some of the only ideas that have stood the test of time and are still relevant in modern society. Marx in particular was interested in alienation, especially of the working class in capitalist society.
Marxism consists of three different parts; a philosophical basis, much of which derives from Hegel, a complex set of political theories which follow from the philosophical position, and a theory of revolution.
Marx’s views stem from Hegel’s; he believed that your understanding of one event can be improved by understanding the events that came before it. However, Marx disagreed with Hegel on the idea that we should only understand the past for wisdom, instead he believed that understanding the past was essential to change the future, not just to reflect on the world as it is now.
Marx believed that an idea does not stand alone. Our world is a set of ideas, so the history of the world is the history of these ideas all linked together. Marx 's main criticism of capitalism started with the fact that he believed through capitalism we are alienated from our species nature, and that modes of economic organization force us away from our own nature.…

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