Marx, Weber, And The Development Of Capitalism Essay

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The article that I will be reviewing is “Marx, Weber, and the development of capitalism” written by Anthony Giddens. The article is split into three main sections in which Giddens uses to analyse Marx and Weber. Theses sections are; the historical background; Weber’s attitude towards Marx and Marxism; Weber and Marx: the analytic problem. When reading the article I found that each point was fully explained and the article was linked very well throughout. The main topics than ran through the article were; the comparisons between Germany and Britain; Religion and the key points of contrast between Marx and Weber. It is stated that the main object of the article is to separate the links between the work of Marx and Weber (p289).
In the beginning of this article, Giddens briefly discusses the connections between Marx and Weber and raises the question as to whether Weber’s ideas fit into a Marxist concept; although this is a contested view that divides sociologists (p289). Giddens also looks at three of Weber’s views that can be isolated but this too raises the question as to whether Weber had a valid understanding of Marx concept on historical materialism (p290). One point that is raised links Marx and Weber in the joint interest that they shared for “the interpretation of the development of modern capitalism in Europe” (p290).
Giddens discusses the comparisons between Germany and Britain and makes the key point that Germany was behind Europe in relation to economic…

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