Marveously Made Book Review Essay

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Marvelously Made: Unveil Your True Identity and Purpose as a Woman Book Review

In today’s world, there are so many different ideas on how women should live and who we are as women. It is so easy to get caught up in the lies of this world; including the lies about who God is and also about who we are. When we listen to these lies instead of listening to God, it often leads to feelings of uncertainty and insignificance. In the book, Marvelously Made, by Monica Rose Brennan, she brings misconceptions such as: relationships, acceptance and pleasing people, body image, education and intelligence, occupation, money, religious works, hobbies and interests, the past, attention of others, and sickness and pain to light based on what the
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In the second section, she talks about idolatry unveiled and she shares two principles that can change a woman’s perspective of herself. The first principle is that being a woman is not defined by what we do or like, but by the fact that God created us specifically to be a woman. The second principle is that being a woman is not defined by feeling accepted by men but by the fact that our Creator God accepts us and has created us to a woman, different from man. In the third section, she ties it all together and explains how we are made in the image of God. She also explains how we are to help others find their true identity in Christ. She gives four missions of helping others. The first is purpose; we must recognize our purpose in God’s plan. God has given each one of us a different purpose in life. The second is to surrender; we can help others take off their mask by making ourselves available to God and letting Him use us in any way. The third is living the truth; we must live the truth in order to help others remove their masks. The fourth is pleasing God; we must remember that we need to please God and not worry about pleasing others. In closing, this book truly shows how we can remove the masks we have put on and get real with people and most importantly God. It also shows are we can grow closer with God. I, like most women, have struggled with the ideas of my role in society,

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