Martin's Curpose And Challenges In Walking The Boundaries By Jackie French

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In 1993 the author Jackie French wrote the outstanding novel ‘walking the boundaries’ , The author introduces us to Martin and his world and how his life changes as he travels arround the boundaries of his great grandfather’s farm. Martins purpose and perspective on the bush and why he's come to walk the boundaries changes dramatically as he walks the track leading around the property.

Body 1 - physical and the spiritual
In the first chapter , Martin is on hhis way to visit his great-grandfather , at his property in New South Wales. French has made the readers believe that ted is disappointed with his family members. Shortly after Martin had arrived at the farm property ted makes Martin an offer that had been waiting for “If you make it around the boundaries you’ll get the farm, There’s no question about that”. (pg 13) Martins main goal is to revive the farm by “simply” walking the boundaries. But Martin has no idea what challenges he is about to face. With meg and walluma , along the way Martin is guided by characters from thousands of years in the past, soon he descovers they are all on the same journey and that Martin will not own
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As Martin carries on the journey through the bush. After all Martin has been through so far ,Martin realises that he, Wullamudulla, Meg and Ted all take care of the land the landand. and agrees with Ted that “This isn’t my place...or yours...or Meg’s...or no more my place than Dracula’s. I just look after it. That’s what we are, we humans- caretakers.” (pg 186) this changes Martins purpose and perspective dramatically for the rest of the journey he continues walking contemplating what he now knows about the land that he once thought Ted ownedand that he would soon become the owner , As martin continues on this journey of great understanding , he realises how selfish he once was and now all he wants is to care for the

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