Martin Luther 's The Crusade Of The Catholic Church Essay

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Martin Luther was a Catholic priest who was infamous for attempting to bring down the penitential system of the Catholic Church. He believed the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was corrupted and dishonest. An example of a fraudulence that Luther despised was the act of selling indulgences. Priests sold indulgences to people who had sinned and wanted remission. Indulgences supposedly minimised the time a soul spent in Purgatory. They were too often alike to operations and an ‘easy way out’ from their sins rather than a religious proceeding, which angered Luther.
Another corruption that Luther frowned upon was the supposed supremacy of the pope. A extract from Martin Luther’s Against Catholicism (1535) states: “Further, he took upon him power, rule, and authority over the Christian Church, and over the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God…”
Pope Boniface VIII had a claim, being “Unam Sanctum” — in which no one could be saved unless they relented to the Roman Pope. Martin Luther believed that the pope overestimated his power and used it for wrong intentions; to control the people. He believed that the corruption of paying for salvation and supremacy of the pope were wrong and because he did not want to leave the Catholic Church, he wanted to reform it and see changes in the Church. He did not want to see people paying for their salvation and he did not want to see the pope misusing his power.
Martin Luther attempted to cause the changes he sought for the Catholic Church…

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