Martin Luther 's Life And History Essay

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Martin Luther
When speaking of grand historical figures within the timeframe prior to 1600, Martin Luther automatically comes to mind. He is known for being an influential, spiritual theologian. Luther changed his life and history forever by lighting the spark of the Protestant Reformation.
Martin Luther was born on the 10th of November of the year 1483. He was born in Eiseleben, Saxony, which is located in modern day southeast Germany. He lived with his mother and father, Hans and Margarette Luther. Luther’s family was of a peasant lineage. Hans Luther was a miner and an ore smelter. Hans Luther became a holder for ore deposits once they relocated to Mansfeld in 1484. Hans had always aspired for his son Martin to have a better life with a career as a lawyer.
Therefore Hans enrolled his son, Martin, in Mansfeld’s school at age seven. Martin later moved north to further his knowledge in Magdeburg’s school. In 1498, he studied grammar, rhetoric, and logic at a school in his hometown, Eiseleben. Martin Luther enrolled at the University of Erfurt in 1501. He received his Master of Arts degree in grammar, logic, rhetoric, and metaphysics. He accomplished this in 1501. Martin had always planned on becoming a lawyer to fulfill his father dream Hans had for his son. He had always just assumed of his becoming a lawyer was a known and guaranteed destiny from his childhood years.
Luther had a surprising new thought when he encountered a life-altering experience in…

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