Martin Luther King's Philosophy In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Register to read the introduction… philosophy during the Civil Rights Movement was not only the use of no violence but to love every once without any biasness. That meaning that even though the black people, his people, were oppressed, he would still love everyone, not matter their skin color and treat them the way the bible intended them to be treated, even if they were to use violence against him. He would not retaliate; he would be coupled with them as a person who used violence and force, and dehumanize people who, like him, are also people, neither superior nor inferior to each other. His method of nonviolence caused ‘tension’ between the oppressive ‘white power’ and the people of color. Tension was needed between the clashing opposing forces. However, it was not a fight, not literally, between people but a fight between injustice and justice acts and attitudes towards people. His reasoning behind going to Birmingham was “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” and, “what affects one directly affects all indirectly.” He compared himself to the Apostle Paul who left his village and ‘carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the Greco-Roman world’. Hence my referring to Dr. King’s fight for justice a ‘gospel of freedom’, a message he spread across the nation to stop and desist all wrongful acts against people because of race and stop the wrongful assaults and the dehumanizing signs. Birmingham was a city of darkness, “engulfed,” Dr. King said, “in racial …show more content…
King’s philosophy still important is today’s society. Why is it still important? Is this a hard question? Surely not but there’s a pause, one would have to think before coming up with a good solid reason and if a reason is already had but one would need details, to color the whole black and white answer and fill in those colors until a beautiful mosaic of words, reason, details, examples, to unfold. Dr. King’s philosophy, his mantra, his most movement of the people as a single entity, all people fighting for one goal, that we today take for granted, his philosophy, gives the little children something to build their character, and hold their heads a little higher. They can solve problems without using

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