Essay on Martin Luther King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Martin Luther King 's letter from Birmingham Jail, is a beautiful and different set of examples in which he wrote a letter and managed to turn it into literature. His letter was written entirely in a jail cell in 1963 where he was arrested in Birmingham for participating in a peaceful anti-segregation demonstration that asserts on the grounds that he did not have a parading permit. Moreover, his letter addressed the biggest issue in Birmingham, which involved the problem of inequality and racism towards the black people in the United States. Even though, Martin Luther King was not from Birmingham, his thesis in the second paragraph, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to everywhere,"on (page 800), shows that he cared for others. He was ready to fight for the equal rights of whites and blacks as well as put himself in the shoes of others. Also, since he was a Christian leader, he relied on Christian values that said that whatever affected the negroes should be a concern for everybody. In his letter, he gave many examples and used the variety of writing styles, standards, and appeals to emotions to express his feelings and thoughts.
Martin Luther King appealed to emotion when he discussed the challenges and terrible experiences the blacks had gone through at the hands of the white people in Birmingham. One of his primary concerns was to make sure the existence of racism was prohibited and further established nonviolent, creative tension. On paragraph thirteen in his letter, he…

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