Martin Luther King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail Essays

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Martin Luther King was a well-known civil rights leader. Despite being arrested on several occasions, he did not let a prison cell keep his influential words locked up. One of his most notable works includes “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” It was a response to the Alabama clergymen who accused him of being an outsider and had no credentials to be a part of the Birmingham community. King, however, countered all of their demeaning arguments and emphasized that he was peacefully fighting for racial equality. Martin Luther King Jr. enhanced his letter with personal, historical, and present day references to build pathos directed at the clergymen and other opposers. Dr. King made several personal references to typical family members and assaults that many African Americans endured in the south to demonstrate the painful reality to the whites. King starts a collection of statements with the mentioning of mothers and fathers, then moving towards brothers and sisters. He uses them as his examples because it makes his following point more potent, as terrible actions happening to family members evokes bitter emotions that King intended on using to make the connection between blacks and whites. The idea of mothers and fathers being lynched or brothers and sisters drowned or abused by law enforcement officers was supposed to disgust the audience members and put the discrimination into perspective. In his letter King states, “But when you have seen vicious mobs lynch your…

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