Martin Luther King 's I Have A Dream Essay

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Imagine yourself walking down the busy and crowded streets of downtown Ann Arbor. As you are walking down Main Street, you see a sign that says, “Whites Only” above one of the stores. Another sign above a restaurant door reads the words, “No Colored Allowed”. These are some of the things that exemplified unequal rights in America during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. In the year of 1963, Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech to hundred of thousands spectators during these difficult times for dark colored skin individuals in America. Many people would consider Mr. King’s “I Have A Dream”, speech as one of the greatest one to this day. It included a perfect combination of Ethos, logos and Pathos that directly related to the audience he was presenting to. Martin Luther king established a sense of ethos, a form of credibility, in many creative and impactful ways. Martin was a well-known activist for the civil rights movement and he was also a Baptist minister, which helped his recognition as a credible figure for his audience to listen, but that was not the only reason that made him a credible source. In his speech, he related to many historical events and past documents in his speech to help demonstrate that he is in fact a knowledgeable person and must be well educated on the topic he is speaking about. He also uses advanced vocabulary in many instances to help display his credibility to the audience. Many of the white Americans during…

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