Essay on Martin Luther King 's Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther King was a famous speaker who has been brought black power for all African Americans as most prominent advocators and pioneers of social reform. King has made the Civil Rights movement in the United States in order to achieve equal rights for black people. Martin Luther King Jr. committed all his life to the civil rights movement in the US as a leader, who had done brilliant achievements in freedom and democracy things. King was pioneers of thinking in the black community before he become activists of equal rights, so the civil rights movement wasa product of discrimination. Martin Luther Kings main point is to rally the people to fight peacefully for the freedom of blacks and each appeal that he uses stands on its own. The logos appeals looks to the constitution to find the obvious reasons of why they should have their freedom. Pathos reminds blacks that there are still in danger and of the hardships they have had to endure, while ethos is the entire point of the speech because he is talking about his own race and the hardships that he race had to endure. Thus, King has created most celebrated speech in American history which was “I Have a Dream”. African American opposed racial oppression and discrimination in order to strove political equilty and one kind of equal rights in the society in which organized wholesale fight movement. Richie has believed that “these two issues of racial and economic justice were chief among the concerns for the equality of…

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