Martin Luther King 's Civil Disobedience Essay

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4) Martin Luther King explained the term of his action called “Civil disobedience”. And it is nothing new. As reference the Bible, he gives the example of the refusal of some Jews to listen the law of Nebuchadnezzar which was unconfirmed to the religious and ethical law. In the same way that some Christians refused to listen to the unjust law to the Roman empire. This civil disobedience leads to the creation of academy freedom a degree due to the civil disobedience of Socrates. Consequently, all the things that the furor Hitler did was not legal. Martin Luther King insists that if he were as those time where injustice reigned, he will rise up against those injustice as he did today. He shared his deception in front the unavoidable truth that the Negroes’ stone Achilles is not the KKK nor white councilor but the white moderate who prefer order that justice. However, Martin Luther King precise what they forget is law and order exist for the purpose to establish justice not the contrary. He wants that they understand the today tension come from of the transition the negative peace to positive peace that he all the negroes want to establish. He clarifies once time again that by rhetorical question that his nonviolent action is vindicated, and the accusation against it is rational. Isn’t like convicting a raided man because the ownership money hastened the sinful act of stealing? And let with the advice to defend the mugged not the mugger. Finally, he reproaches to the “white…

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