Martin Luther King Movie Analysis

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The video “Biography of Dr. Martin Luther King: The Man and the Dream” by The Voices of History Channel is the biography of Martin Luther King Jr, who he was as a man and why he was such a famous social activist. According to Voices of History Channel Martin Luther King Jr. was a social activist who had a major role in the American civil rights movement. King longed for equality and human rights for all African Americans and achieved this through peaceful protest. He did not believe in violence but in peace and knew that if he protested with violence he would be acting like Whites did, something he did not want. King was part of many movements such as Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington, but what he was most famous for what …show more content…
Growing up I have heard and learned about Martin Luther King but never this way as I learned with this video. This video really shows the audience who King truly was. It shows him as a man like any other and not like a perfect human being that does not make mistakes. As the video states he had self-image problems even though he was smart and well dressed. He smoked and had many women and made mistakes like any other human being. Since King is a very respected man he is often perceived as only doing good and never bad. Many do not show the other side of King like this video did. I think it is very important to always learn both sides to important and historic people, this way we can see that even the most important human beings make mistakes and that even though mistakes are made the world can still be changed just like King did. The video also states that Martin Luther King knew that he would have a higher probability of dying if he was involved in all these movements but he sacrificed himself for the world to make it a better place. As a little girl in elementary I was taught about King and why he did what he did. To have equal rights, but I never learned beyond that and I always saw King as a perfect man and this video helped me understand him a bit

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