Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

792 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
One person has always had the power to make a difference in another’s life. Whether that be a family member teaching a little one kindness, or even on a bigger scale Martin Luther King Jr. leading a revolution to the acceptance of people with different colored skin. Even bad people can make a change for the good, like a school shooter who makes schools realize they need a plan in place for an attack on their students. One person can change the way others think entirely and can impact their lives in a major way. Lori Ann Heyden, my grandmother, had made a huge impact in my life. She taught me to love myself for who I am and to stay true to myself. She would do this by being herself while around me and while around others. She had always been known for her obnoxious laugh, it was incredibly loud, and extremely high pitched, in fact it was so loud and screechy that when she found something extremely funny we were afraid it would break glass. She knew this about herself and yet still had the confidence to laugh whole-heartedly whenever she found something funny, even if others didn’t. She also expressed herself through her clothes. She had always had a, shall we say, particular way of dressing. She loved to wear things that showed off her personality, so she always wore blue, because it was her favorite color. Birds were also something she loved. She used birds to express her want for adventure and freedom. She never left the house without something that had to do with birds or…

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