Essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

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In April of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. found himself in the public spotlight, as he and a group of supporters engaged in direct action, protesting in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. King and the protesters were jailed, and here it was that Martin Luther King Jr. crafted the text “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.” King 's letter responded to the clergyman of Birmingham ,whose own writing, published in the Birmingham newspaper, denounced King for the timing and intention of the protests and requested that the actions cease. King 's response in “The Letter from a Birmingham Jail” provided inspiration for many during a crucial period in the Civil Rights movement. By jailing Martin Luther King Jr. and publicly opposing his actions, the leaders in the city of Birmingham created a platform for King to reach a much broader audience than the clergyman to whom his letter was addressed. King uses this platform, intelligently expressing why direct action is important in furthering civil rights, through the rhetorical devices of pathos, logos, and ethos. He reaches the reader through these persuasive methods by painting emotional narratives, building logical arguments, and establishing that he is a credible source on the plight of the black citizen. Of the devices King used, logos and pathos are employed most frequently. King uses them in tandem to build the argument in favor of direct action by first summarizing his point with clear reasoning and then drawing the reader in through…

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