Martin Luther King Jr. 's Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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There are two types of people in this world, those who understand the importance of writing and those who do not. The importance of writing struck me a year ago when my english class read Martin Luther King Jr.’s letters from Birmingham jail. MLK was a professional writer and a well-known leader amongst the people in his time, a time in which the only power the black man had could be exercised through writing. I am not seeking any power, but to be an accomplished writer. To me, people that have a strong grasp on the english language and can write just as fluently as they can speak, such as MLK, are rare in today’s age and someone I strive to be like. Through my experience, I can say that I am not naturally gifted at writing. I believe repetition and an open mind is what will point me towards the direction of becoming a well-rounded writer. People express ideas, opinions, feelings, etc., through writing, which makes it a primary form of communication. As I value my ability to speak clearly and effectively, I must practice writing in order to be a well-rounded communicator. My efforts to better myself academically were not distilled in me through my parents. I come from a farming family that has no college graduates and I have made it my goal to be the first. My immediate family are great supporters, but poor motivators. I would have to say that my motivation to be academically successful came from myself. I am very grateful that I have had quality teachers along the way. I…

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