Essay Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

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Martin Luther was an influential leader during the Protestant Reformation. He confronted the Roman Catholic Church on their system of indulgences while everyone turned a blind eye. Constantly, Luther was called a liar, heretic, and an outlaw by the Catholic Church for his teachings that conflicted with the Roman Catholics’ religious orders and beliefs. However, he never stood down regardless of if he was to face death or excommunication. His theology would be the sole foundation of his teachings in regards to the Reformation. He argued that as believers of Christ, they must go to God directly for the forgiveness of sins, not to man. Using the Bible as evidence to authenticate his claims on salvation and God’s sovereignty, Martin Luther took a stand against the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation between 1517 to 1521 preaching against the system of indulgences which lead to the spread of Protestantism, sparking a divide amongst the Christian faith.
Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany. At the age of twenty-one, he moved to an Augustinian monastery in Erfurt, Germany. He believed that the only way of dedicating his life to Christ and living holy was to become a monk. Meaning, Luther wanted to be prepared for the day of judgement between God and himself. On top of that, he looked forward to securing his salvation and the relationship he had with God. Many times, he meditated on the Word of God and took note of what it said. Rituals, prayers, and services…

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