Essay about Martin Luther And The Holy Roman Empire

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Martin Luther was a monk in the Holy Roman Empire. Luther had paved the way to question the church, which eventually led to the big conflict with the Pope. Martin Luther thinks that the church it is not a justice place to worship God any more, since the churches are corrupted and powerful. Martin Luther have did some harm and support through his challenge of the Catholic Church, but at the end he did more harm through his challenge of the Catholic Church, he inspired violent revolt, he disrespects the Pope, he challenge the church and he try to break the catholic tradition. Western Europe went through a several religious and social conflicts during the reformation. Luther believe Christian beliefs should based on the word of God and faith the to God, and not by having connection with the church.
Martin Luther did more harm than good through his challenge of the Catholic Church. When the peasants of Europe began to read the scriptures for themselves during the Reformation, their ideas of justice and the ideas of church started to change. Peasant started to apply Martin Luther ideas to the center of Europe, lead to a tragic Peasant’s Revolt in 1524. “German peasants, excited by reformers’ talk of Christian freedom, demanded at the end to serfdom. Bands of angry peasants want about the countryside raiding monasteries, pillaging, and burning.”(Textbook P56) From this evidence, tells the peasant revolt turn in to a tragic. From the this quote that Martin Luther inspired the…

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