Essay on Martin Luther And The Civil Rights Movement

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A wise man once said, 'Great men write about history, greater men make history". This is statement has been prove time and time again throughout world history. Men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made when he lead the Civil Rights Movement and helped African American secure their God given rights to be treated as equals. Mother Teresa is another great example of a person impacting history when she helped thousand who were on hard times. Another individual who left his mark on history are Martin Luther of Eisleben, Germany. Luther and the fought back against the oppression of the Catholic Church and inspired the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation weaken the control of the Catholic Church, created new denominations and new freedoms in Christianity. Furthermore, these Luther 's actions helped in the set up of the United States of America. Martin Luther impacted world history by fighting against oppression, by sparking a reformation, and by his actions having effects on United States.
First, Luther fought back against the Catholic Church and sparked a reformation which freed Christians from Catholic Church control. Luther was a German monk who could no longer be silent about the corruption in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church had a great deal of power over Christians and Christian practices. The Catholic Church sold 1. indulgences, which is a payment for the forgiving of a person’s sin. The indulgence could have been brought for oneself, alive or…

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