Martin Luther And The Catholic Church Essay

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Martin Luther who was a doctor of theology, a monk, and a priest became discontent with the Catholic Church and the Papacy. Martin Luther writes his 95 Theses about the selling of indulgences in 1517. In 1521 Pope Leo X believes that Martin Luther has gone too far with his writings and is excommunicated from the Catholic Church. After his excommunication, he starts a reformation of the church and eventually makes his own sect of Protestantism, Lutheranism. Luther who also translated the New Testament of the Bible from Latin to German which was very important because it allowed more people to have access to the Bible. The peasants of Germany have the ability to understand what the word of God. Now they believe that they are being treated unfairly by the lords and the princes. They start a rebellion and write 12 articles on why they are being treated unfairly and a list of demands that they want from the lords. Some of their demands are “to appoint a pastor… aggrieved in the matter of woodcutting… and abolish todfall [death tax, to take ones best animal]”. Martin Luther who read these demands decided that these peasants were unchristian because of it. When looking at the peasants, I do believe that Martin Luther was right to call them unchristian by using the bible to justify his claims of natural law. Also by stating, that they should not be one to fight the lords on this issue. The peasants may have responded in a negative way because they thought that Martin Luther would…

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