Martin Luther And The Catholic Church Essay

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Martin Luther is a reformer and also a priest and professor of theology who challenged the Roman Catholic Church and launched the Reformation. Martin Luther along with his followers disagreed with the practice found within the Roman Catholic Church; therefore, sparked a revolution in Catholic Europe. Martin Luther and his followers set out to distinguish the religious beliefs and practice between the Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholicism. As a result the Roman Catholicism disintegrated while Protestantism rose up. This type of upheaval contributed to later revolutions to, such as the American Revolution and the French Revolution, which fought for Democracy.
At age twenty- two Martin Luther entered the monastery and became a monk. By age twenty- nine Martin Luther earned a doctorate of theology and began teaching at an university. Shortly after Martin Luther found himself facing a discrepancy in the religious belief in the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther argued against the sale of indulgences. The sale of indulgence is a theological practice within the Roman Catholic Church that represents the reduction of temporal punishment for sins if the sinner, paid money to the Pope and the money paid went towards the rebuilding of St Peter’s in Rome. In other words, if you had money, you could pay to have your sins forgiven, while funding the building of the St. Peter’s in Rome. It was because of this theological issue that caused Martin Luther to break…

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