Martin Luther And Leonardo Da Vinci

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Martin Luther’s early life is characterized by a good education with a degree in the Arts that focused on grammar, logic, metaphysics and rhetoric which he earned from the University of Erfurt. However, his life changed when he conformed his life to monkhood in 1505 C.E. He felt that the life of monkhood would help him attain salvation and would drive away the fears he held of hell and the wrath of God. However, Martin Luther did not find the religious satisfaction he was searching for. Although he was a good monk, he felt as if he was not “righteous to live by faith”. In 1513, he then realized that the key to salvation was “not to fear God or to be enslaved by religious dogma but to believe that faith alone would bring salvation.” This …show more content…
He was born in a small town near Florence called Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most talented individuals to live during the Renaissance period. Although Leonardo da Vinci was primarily known for the work done in the visual arts such as paintings, he manifested expertise in many different fields ranging from medicine, engineering, and even hydraulics. Leonardo da Vince was a ‘jack of many trades’ and his works and actions continue to affect people centuries after his death.
In the visual arts, Leonardo da Vinci was a talented artist. He created beautiful works such as The Last Supper which was originally created for a Milanese monastery. This fresco painting represented Renaissance ideals such as classicism with his display of architecture like that of the Romans and the Greeks, humanism with the depiction of vivid human expressions, and technical perfection with his uses of organized composition and mastery of volume and light contrast. He also painted Madonna of the Rocks and the infamous Mona Lisa with the subject’s signature smile. It is quite evident that Leonardo da Vinci was very talented in the arts. In Madonna of the Rocks Vinci used a pyramidal structure in his artwork. He also expresses the virgin Mary as a mother through emotion in the art. Previously, she was depicted as the queen of the heaven. The portrait Mona Lisa transformed the art of portrait making by “replacing the
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The author of the play, William Shakespeare, is notably the most celebrated playwright and poet to live during the Elizabethan period. Born in Stratford-upon-Avon in the United Kingdom in April 1564, Shakespeare grew up to become an actor and playwright in London. Shakespeare rose from very humble beginnings. In his early life, he was a horse attendant at some of the finer theaters of London. He then proceeded to rise above the ranks and have countless plays produced and performed. As a novice playwright, he received criticism. Robert Greene, a celebrated playwright from this time wrote that Shakespeare was “well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of you…” meaning that Shakespeare was a mediocre playwright and poet. Although Shakespeare received this criticism it is evident that he continued to pursue his career in the theater. He became the managing partner of the company called King’s Men which became very popular during his period. He then built his own theater called the Globe. Thus, Shakespeare became accomplished during his lifetime. However, his fame would rise after his

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