Martial Arts Has Impacted Every Facet Of Korean Life Essay

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From the earliest times in Korean history, martial arts have impacted every facet of Korean life. Martial arts in Korea have remained fluid and ever changing as a result of movement and connections of other cultures and countries throughout Asia. It is difficult for us as Americans to understand just how significant of an impact martial arts had on everyday life during this time in Korean history; however, we can look into multiple key relationships to attain a better understanding of just how much that influence had throughout the Korean peninsula. The history of Korean martial arts is rooted in their deep connection to Korean government, culture, and religion. The three kingdoms period began around 57 AD and can be seen as the true beginning of the martial arts on the Korean peninsula. Three kingdoms arose from the tribal feuds and battles: Koguryo, Silla, and Paekje. Koguryo was the most powerful of the three and was influenced significantly by martial arts throughout the duration of it’s reign. It was quite necessary for the development of martial arts throughout Korea, due to the constant warfare and invasions. As a consequence of such consistent warfare, the people of Korea developed a strong fighting spirit. Ssireum, the earliest form of unarmed fighting in Korea, can be traced back to the murals in the tombs of Koguryo royalty. These murals depict two men who seem to be in competition, grappling and wrestling one another to decide the winner. This shows the…

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