Martial Arts As A Art Essay

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By pursuing martial arts as a hobby, you will be more flexible, healthier, social, and have less stress. Martial arts have been around for centuries and there are many different styles and forms of martial arts. For instance, the styles from Korea are Taekwondo and aikido, from china one of the most known forms is kung Fu. There are many style’s, throughout Asia. Where they originated from. I am not here to talk about the history, or where they come from on an individual basis. I am here to talk to you about martial arts as a whole, but before I start talking about martial arts as a whole, I’m going to give you a little bit of history on them since there is a lot of mixed views on the topic and misperceptions about martial arts. Many people think martial arts are violent and always want to fight from the movies or TV shows, and others argue that it’s for self-defense or health, and then there are people that just practice it for tournaments to show how good they are. While traditionalists do not like the idea of tournament’s but they are forced to change with the time. There is also a myth that martial arts are a form of religion and spirit development this may not be true for here in the Unites States but where martial arts came from China, japan and Korea and the other Asian countries or areas this may be true. There are hundreds of styles and many people ask the question. Are not they all the same, but some people say yes but as a petitioner I would say no? Every style is…

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